CELPIP- Basic Understanding

by Payal Mukherjee
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The CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) test consists of two types: CELPIP-General and CELPIP-General LS (Listening and Speaking).

  • CELPIP-General:
  • Listening: Assessing listening skills through various audio recordings and questions.
  • Reading: Evaluating reading comprehension with tasks related to understanding written English.
  • Writing: Testing writing skills, including composing an email and responding to a survey question.
  • Speaking: Assessing spoken English through tasks like describing a scene and providing advice.
  • CELPIP-General LS:
  • Listening: Similar to CELPIP-General, focusing solely on listening skills.
  • Speaking: Concentrates on spoken English, with tasks like describing a personal experience and expressing opinions.

Both types measure proficiency in English for different purposes, with CELPIP-General being more comprehensive, covering all language skills, while CELPIP-General LS specifically focuses on listening and speaking abilities.

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